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Backyard Fun Is On Again, With Clark’s Mosquito Treatments

If you’ve lived in the South for more than a few minutes, you know what mosquitoes look like. Although they look fragile, they are extremely resilient and prey on both people and a variety of animals. Luckily, backyard fun is on again with the help of Clark’s mosquito treatments.

With two simple steps, Clark’s skilled pest professionals will eliminate the need to worry about these disease-carrying pests with our mosquito treatments. When coming in contact with them, the residual lasts up to 21 days (depending on weather conditions).While it is IMPORTANT to have a worry free summer in the sun, it’s also essential to note the lesser known evils of these pesky stingers! 

Mosquito Bites 101

According to the CDC, when a mosquito bites you, it pierces the skin using proboscis (a special mouthpart) to suck up blood. As the mosquito is feeing, its saliva gets into your skin which results in a bump (and let’s not forget) itching.

Typically it is only a mild reaction to a bite(s), however others could react more strongly which could result in swelling, soreness, and redness. A severe reaction is more likely to occur in children, people with immune disease disorders, and adults who have a mosquito bite from a rare species.

Mosquito-borne diseases

Mosquitos spread germs through bites. A mosquito gets infected with a virus or parasite when it bites a person or animal that is infected, which in turn the mosquito can spread germs to other people or animals through bites. However, not everyone infected with a mosquito-borne germ gets sick. In rare cases, people can get heartworms after a bite from an infected mosquito. Because people are not a natural host for heartworms, the larvae usually migrate to the arteries of the heart and lungs and die before they become adult worms.

Our Mosquito Treatments

You can rest easy knowing that you are one call away from creating your enjoyable comfort zone with Clark’s SkeeterSHIELD mosquito services. With several treatment and payment options to choose from, you can ensure that you have the best protection from those nasty stings!

How Clark’s handles mosquitoes:

A Clark’s pest professional will inspect the exterior of your home to spot mosquito breeding grounds, and recommend steps to control the problem. Clark’s monthly service during peak mosquito season will diminish your pesky problem. Learn more about our mosquito treatments.

Reasons our current customers enjoy doing business with us:

We’re family owned since 1963, so we treat you like family. We are licensed, insured, and bonded, so our brand is trusted.

Our customers are happy – We have a 4.8/5 rating with almost 7,000 customer reviews.

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